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Below are some testimonials from residents and family members that have made The Palms of Largo their home. We invite you to come and visit our community and talk firsthand with current residents and to take a tour!

Thank you for your dedication and kindness. You offer an environment that allows for a meaningful quality of life. I have many wonderful memories to cherish.


Daughter of Royal Palms Resident

It was imperative that my mom get established in a safe, secure, and routine environment closer to family. My sister-in-law highly recommended we look into Palms of Largo-well we never looked back!

The efficiency and the care in which everything was handled made it so much easier and a relief for our family as her move-in came during the midst of the initial pandemic lock down. We were allowed time to make her new apartment at Regal Palms feel like her own, which was her first comment she made as she walked thru the door…..…’it’s just like I’m home!’ She was welcomed by the staff in such a warm and gentle way.

My mom shared with me recently that she told a fellow resident, ‘this is the safest place we can be!’ As the activities within the facility are safely being added she is enjoying herself more and more. Her daily walks around the beautiful grounds, her stretch class and the delicious meals are among her favorites!

My family and I are especially thankful for the thoughtful and dedicated nursing staff, the Holiday parades, the Window visits, and the Front Desk personnel!! The planning and organizing of activities is amazing and very much appreciated to include social distancing and mask rules. Everyone always has a smile and a kind word!

Safety precautions were, and still are, the priority for all involved. My mom maintains her health due to management and ALL staff at Regal Palms!


Daughter of Regal Palms Resident

I’m so glad that Sandy and Jerry are living in such a lovely, friendly place. Thank you for your hospitality and making us feel welcome.


Friend of Regal Palms Resident

My parents moved into Regal Palms 16 years plus years ago, and my Mom is still there to this day while Dad passed away in 2016.  Really don’t know what I would do without the staff there. I am in constant contact with them and the fact that they have Mobile Physicians there is really great.  They keep track of the health of the residents.  And now, since the world is dealing with Covid-19 I am more grateful for their care of my Mom.  Regal, however, has kept their facility cleaner than any I have been in.  They keep families of residents alerted as to what they are doing to prevent the spread.  Walgreen’s Pharmacy was able to give residents & staff the vaccine shots.

The staff work tirelessly to figure out ways for the family to see the residents.  And to keep them calm they also provide a “Spiritual Advisor” that sends letters and will visit them to keep their spirits up.  It is so important to help keep residents going and not to give up.  My Mom seems happy and satisfied.

Again I want to repeat that my Mom considers Regal Palms her home and never wants to leave.  I think that is testament to the care and attention residents receive here.


Daughter of Regal Palms Resident

The staff at The Bonsai Holistic Spa have made a difference in my life and I am very happy and pleased to be a resident here. I am currently recovering from Parkinson’s and I have improved 100% from using The Bonsai Holistic Spa gym.


Resident of Cypress Palms

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the residents of Cypress Palms. We are all thankful for your kindness, compassion and love that you show in your daily effort to make us comfortable.

Andy and Laverne

Residents at Cypress Palms

Each time we were at Sabal, your facility provided exceptional care and rehabilitation. Everyone had terrific attitudes and made us feel comfortable with the care we received. Keep up the wonderful work.

Mario and Pam

Residents at Sabal Palms Health & Rehabilitation

The variety of programs and activities offered is great and we enjoy the comradeship we are afforded in meeting others who live in our community.


Resident at The Palms of Largo