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The Impact of Community

At The Palms of Largo, residents from all walks of life across six communities come together on one campus. Daily activities and social events allow residents to make friends and combat loneliness. Campus amenities such as The Plaza, fitness center, outdoor swimming pools, walking paths and dining areas create a feeling of community and help residents stay connected.

The Benefit of Continuing Care

The Palms of Largo offers the convenience of meeting your continuing care needs, made possible in part by its unique licensing which affords residents seamless transfers within the communities on our campus should the need for a higher level care or services arise. As a result, our residents remain connected to their respective neighborhoods, friends, familiar surroundings, and the services and team members they have come to know.

Our campus comprises a group of innovative communities with a breadth of services and licenses that offer residents the flexibility to meet their individual care needs at home. The campus was designed with your needs in mind.

  • When minor medical, companionship, or health care services are needed, we provide support in the comfort of your apartment home.
  • When a higher level of care is needed, we provide exceptional services with 24-hour on-site staffing available for assistance and handle all of the details to best support our residents and their families.
  • When couples require different levels of care, they can still share time together and maintain a close relationship without one spouse having to be the primary caregiver for the other. This is especially important when one is experiencing memory loss or requires long-term care.

The Convenience of No “Buy-In” Fees

The senior living and health care communities on The Palms of Largo campus offer month-to-month rentals with no “buy-in” fees. This rare opportunity allows residents and their families to avoid long-term financial commitments and have the flexibility to manage their own assets and investments. Enjoy comfort, convenience and peace of mind on a premier senior living campus.

Campus Map

The Palms of Largo

Independent Living
Assisted Living
Memory Care
Long-Term Care
Respite Care

Day Care & Pre-school
Residential Living
55+ Residential Living
Deli & Venue
Fitness Center
Pediatric Care

Royal Palms

Independent Living

Regal Palms

Independent Living
Assisted Living

Memory Care
Respite Care

Cypress Palms

Assisted Living
Memory Care
Respite Care

Parkinson's Programs
Pre-school & Day Care

Sabal Palms Health & Rehabilitation

Long-Term Care

Memory Care
Pediatric Care

The Children's Center

Pediatric Care

The Learning Center

Pre-school & Day Care

Silver Palms Apartments

Residential Living

Imperial Palms

55+ Residential Living

The Plaza

Deli & Venue

Fitness Center


Frequently Asked Questions

Living and Care Options

  • What living and care options are available?

    The Palms of Largo serves a wide range of lifestyle preferences, continuing care needs and age groups. The Palms of Largo offers residential or family apartments, independent living, assisted living, extended congregate care, memory care, rehabilitation, long-term care, Parkinson’s programs, respite care, home health care, vacation rentals, pediatric care, and preschool or day care. For more information, please visit the What We Offer page on The Palms of Largo’s website.

  • What happens when my parents have different care needs?

    The Palms of Largo communities can accommodate varying care levels. Care packages or a la carte services are determined after an initial assessment by licensed nursing staff and charged at an additional monthly rate in addition to the monthly basic service fee. The Palms of Largo is unique in that spouses with different care needs can continue to reside in the same setting with their different needs being met. Residents will only be charged for care and services that they need, when they need them.

  • Do you offer any trial or short-term stays?

    Regal Palms and Cypress Palms both provide respite care, also referred to as a short-term stay. Respite care is a convenient option for planned stays or unforeseen circumstances such as a family vacation, recovery from an illness, or simply when the caregiver needs a break. Respite care includes a fully furnished apartment and care services are available, if needed. Respite care stays serve as a great opportunity to try out life at a The Palms of Largo campus. For more information, please visit the What We Offer page on The Palms of Largo’s website.

  • Do you offer rehabilitation or skilled nursing care?

    Sabal Palms Health & Rehabilitation and Able Care Connect Home Health offer comprehensive skilled nursing care. Sabal Palms Health & Rehabilitation is a first-class sub-acute rehabilitation center located on The Palms of Largo campus, and Able Care Connect Home Health provides skilled nursing in your own home. For more information, please visit the What We Offer page on The Palms of Largo’s website.

  • How are care packages determined?

    Care packages or a la carte services are determined after an initial assessment by licensed nursing staff and charged at an additional monthly rate.

  • What training do team members receive?

    Every team member receives The Goodman Group’s Platinum Service® training, which is the operating philosophy for all of The Palms of Largo communities. Every day at every shift, all team members come together to focus on the mission, values, and their personal commitment to deliver our Platinum Service®. This daily exercise helps sustain and perpetuate our culture of exceptional service on a company-wide basis for the benefit of residents and guests.

  • Do you offer 24-hour on-site staffing?

    Royal Palms, Regal Palms, Cypress Palms, and Sabal Palms Health & Rehabilitation provides 24-hour on-site staffing.

  • Why are there two types of assisted living services?

    Cypress Palms is proud to provide a higher level of assisted living service that is not offered by many communities. Cypress Palms has an Extended Congregate Care assisted living facility license and is able to deliver additional nursing services.

Amenities and Environment

Scheduling a Visit

  • How do I arrange a visit?

    Call us at 727-260-3123 to schedule a visit to The Palms of Largo. We’d love to show you around and answer any questions you have!

  • Can we move in as a couple?

    Yes, couples can live together in their own apartment home surrounded by their familiar belongings. We have also had spouses who have moved to the campus and live in separate apartment homes because of care needs or preferences.

  • Do we have to sign a long-term lease for the apartment?

    No. A long-term lease is not required at Royal Palms, Regal Palms, Cypress Palms and Sabal Palms Health & Rehabilitation, and all offer month-to-month lease agreements.

  • Do the communities provide furnished apartments?

    Most residents prefer to bring their own furnishings for their apartment home. Respite Care and Vacation Rentals offer furnished apartments. Furnished apartments are available for an additional charge.

  • Can I bring my own furniture?

    Yes, most residents prefer to bring their own furnishings for their apartment home.

Activities and Programming

  • What types of activities do you offer?

    We strive to create an enriching experience and help you lead a purposeful life by providing a healthy aging lifestyle, hospitality services and amenities, and personalized services. We invite you to experience the platinum lifestyle and see how rich life’s moments can be in a place that truly celebrates everyone. The Palms of Largo campus offers a number of ways to connect and engage in life enriching programs including social, dining, fitness, spiritual, intergenerational, service, and learning opportunities.

  • Can residents request events or activities?

    Yes! In fact, activity calendars are different at each community because each one is tailored to residents’ requests and interests. Our communities also hold monthly resident council meetings, giving residents the opportunity to voice their ideas.


  • How much does senior living cost?

    The cost to live at The Palms of Largo is based on each resident’s individual circumstances and apartment rental fees, which vary by community and square footage, as well as care packages, if applicable. The Palms of Largo sales counselors will walk through a personal cost sheet with you to break down the costs based on what you are looking for.

  • What is included in the costs?

    Call us at 727-260-3123 so we can ask a few questions and get you more information about the specific community that would best meet your needs!

Making the Transition

We’d love to answer any further questions you might have. Please call 727-437-1600 or connect with us here today.

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