The Palms of Largo


My father was a resident of Cypress Palms, Enhanced Living Facility, in Largo, Florida, for the last five years. Eight years ago, a debilitating stroke left my father unable to speak or move the right side of his body.

While looking for an assisted living facility, I had the good fortune of finding Cypress Palms. My father’s time there was extraordinary and would like to take a moment to acknowledge the people who created a loving, caring, and supportive environment for him. The caring people at Cypress Palms will always be in my heart.

son of Cypress Palms resident

We, the fourth floor residents of Cypress Palms, want to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication and commitment to your residents. We are all thankful for your kindness, compassion and love that you show in your daily effort to make us comfortable.

As a result of two strokes, my wife Laverne is a resident at Cypress. This was the best of the many places in the Tampa Bay area that we visited, and I moved with her so that she would not be alone. The staff has been exceptional. Your kindness to Laverne and I and the residents is greatly appreciated.

Cypress Palms resident

This holiday season our family wishes everyone at Cypress Palms a Holiday Season full of joy and cheer. We are so thankful and appreciative of every staff member for looking after our dad, Frank. Your staff has become an extension of our family. We wish we could thank everyone by name, and we will try to do so in person as we visit. Thank you all for your dedication, smiles, and genuine care. Happy Holidays to all. May you have a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Family of a Cypress Palms resident

I enjoy everything here. The apartment is very comfortable, and the people are very nice and helpful. Everyone goes out of their way to help. Front of staff are a wonderful group of ladies and maintenance is awesome.

Thank you!

Imperial Palms Resident

Imperial Palms apartments care for their residents. The office staff is courteous and provides information whenever needed. The maintenance staff is top notch in answering and fixing anything extremely fast. I have lived at Imperial Palms for 12 years and have never looked elsewhere.

Imperial Palms Resident

In the year we have lived here, we have been so content we have been so happy and content with the location and convenience offered, and especially with the extra courteous office staff. We appreciate the maintenance of the grounds and immediate service and the maintenance department offers, as well as their follow through.

We have lived in many senior residences and find Imperial Palms provides the best service of all.

Thank you all for making our home such a pleasant and comfortable place to live!

The Lovasco’s
Imperial Palms Residents

Life is good when where you live offers happiness and caring. The staff in the office are always willing to listen to me.

The maintenance is “quick” to come when needed and they are friendly and strive for satisfaction in the job they perform.

All in all, I am very happy with my years at Imperial Palms.

Thank you!

Imperial Palms Resident

I lived in two apartment complexes for 18 years and another for 9 years. None of them could compare to Imperial Palms.

The maintenance department and emergency maintenance, the excellent activities, the transportation services, the housekeeping, and all of the kindness – thank you!

Imperial Palms Residents

The dinner party Tuesday evening that Sandy and Jerry gave for me and my daughters was delightful. The food was delicious and you all made us feel very welcome. I’m so glad that they are living in such a lovely, friendly place. Thank you for your hospitality.

Friend of Regal Palms resident

Thank you all so much – your help made all the difference. I want to thank you all, so much. I thank you all and god bless you for the lovely card. I had a lovely day.

Friend of Regal Palms resident

I have been living at Royal Palms for five delightful years and want to share with you the advantages that I found. First, a competent representative of Royal Palms is available at the front desk 24 hours, every day. Also, our chefs prepare excellent cuisine throughout the year. It is a pleasure to come to breakfast and dinner and be served without having to prepare the food or do the dishes. Housekeeping comes once a week and washes, cleans and vacuums. Life Enrichment provides hour long exercise classes in the morning and has activities for making new friends.

Simply put, I enjoy living here with my wife and they have been the best years of a long and eventful life together.

Royal Palms Resident

Dear Royal Palms Team,

My mom loved living at Royal Palms. The people – staff and residents – provided for a caring and fun lifestyle. You offer an environment that allows for a meaningful quality of life.

I want to say thank you for your dedication to all of your residents and especially for your kindness to my mom. In the past 3+ years that mom lived at Royal Palms, it became my second home. I have many wonderful memories to cherish.

With immense respect and great appreciation,

Daughter of resident

Dear Kymberly,

From the moment I met you, I knew you were going to be a breath of fresh air in my life. When Mike and I wandered in without an appointment, I never expected anyone would give us four hours of their time and invite us to stay for lunch. Royal Palms came as a complete surprise. Not only did it have the basics I was looking for, it had MORE. Other than basic concerns, my two main concerns were finding a place where he could eat well, and be surrounded by intelligent, well-mannered people who still had a zest for living. Royal Palms has surpassed my expectations on every level. The nutritious, beautifully prepared and presented meals, atmosphere and friendly staff are extraordinary.


Resident of Royal Palms

Dear Mr. Goodman,

My Mom, Ann, has lived at Royal Palms in Largo for more than 8 years. She is 89 years old and after many years of caring for my disabled father in Iowa, I moved her to be close to me. I met with John on my first visit and within 30 minutes I had made the decision about Mom’s new home. I knew then, as I know now, that it was likely the best decision I have made in my life.

Now, as she is declining, she feels so completely safe in her home and so loved by the incredible caregivers. I will be forever grateful that Royal has been so good and kind to her.

Royal Palms Resident

We are so pleased with The Goodman Group! We can tell that all the people at The Royal Palms are special, from the management, the dining room servers, and cleaning people. The reason they are so excellent is the leadership of Robin, a perfect manager. We bless the day we found this place.

Henry & Martha
Royal Palms residents

To the Staff at Sabal Palms Health Care Center,

I was most recently under your care for a total of 30 days. I have been in rehab there a total of four times. Each time I was there, your facility provided exceptional care and rehabilitation. Everyone that worked with me were very professional and caring; from the nurses, aides, doctors, admin staff and especially the therapy department staff. I also enjoyed the meals very much and the food service staff were very accommodating. Everyone I dealt with had terrific attitudes and made me feel comfortable with the care I received.

I have regained my strength and I feel great. Please pass on our gratitude to everyone and we wish you all the best. Keep up the wonderful work that you do.

With many thanks,

Mario & Pam
Sabal Palms Residents

To: Ms. Natasha
Director of Nursing
Sabal Palms Children Center

On the weekend of August 28 – 29th, I was assigned care for your patient, Gregory as a continuous care nurse by Suncoast Hospice.

I was so impressed by the care of the children by the nursing staff that I observed. I only spoke to two of the care givers, Erica, the RN in charge and Tamika, the aide who was assigned to Gregory. Greg’s mom, Maria, was also in constant attendance. The staff not only gave excellent physical care to these children, but seemed to fulfill a loving parental role whenever possible.

While I was trying to give Greg’s mom some private time with her son, I was able to observe the staff’s interaction with the children. I saw hugs, haircuts and love given to these children.

I was amazed at Greg’s body; although he had been there for many years, there was not a single red mark or skin breakdown on his body. There was so much more than physical care. They demonstrated genuine affection and personal attention to each of those kids.

Please express my profound respect and admiration to your staff. They were Wonderful!



Dear Mr. Moyer:

As Power of Attorney and Health Care Surrogate for June, I am sending you this letter to let you know how I feel about Sabal Palms’ care of June who was a resident in Room 715 from last spring until her death on January 15, 2012.

Your staff on the 700 hall was excellent! They were very caring, kind, respectful and considerate of not only June, but to all residents. I never heard any one of them say an unkind word to, or speak harshly to any resident. This goes not only for the nursing staff and aides, but also the housekeepers and maintenance staff.

Many times I called to check on June. Melissa, Roxanne and Janet were very, very informative and made me feel at ease with her care. When visiting June, I would often ask her if she was happy there. Her response was always “Yes. Everyone is very nice.” She never complained about anything, or anyone!

I have dealt with many long term care facilities in the past and Sabal is by far top-rated in my book. Many times, attorneys and other professionals call me to ask about nursing homes. You can be sure that Sabal is one I mention all the time as being on top of my list.


Health Care Surrogate

Dear Mr. Slutzker, Regional Director of Operations for the Southwest Region:

I have lived in several apartment complexes, including Imperial Palms before I moved to Silver Palms. My experiences have shown that Silver Palms is an exceptional place to live, thanks to the very positive and capable staff under the direction of Community Manager, Kate Kline.

The apartment is not only clean and very livable, it is quiet and beautifully landscaped. I have given my intention to renew my lease in June and will recommend Silver Palms to my friends.


Silver Palms Resident

We really enjoy living at Silver Palms thanks to Kate Kline, our community manager. She has given us the feeling of a real home environment.

Everything is taken care of immediately with the highest level of professionalism.

The staff is very upscale. Our grounds are beautiful with a gorgeous, well-maintained swimming pool.

Anyone would love the opportunity to live at Silver Palms.

Thank you Kate & Staff,

Don & Sue
Silver Palms Residents
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