The Palms of Largo

The Campus

Located in the heart of Pinellas County, the communities of The Palms of Largo are situated on the beautifully manicured grounds of the scenic, 96-acre campus. Everything from the grand entrances and water features, to the smallest details and delivery of our exclusive Platinum Service® program, make The Palms of Largo world-class.

Platinum Service®

Our Platinum Service® program is the centerpiece of our promise to each of our residents, families and all those we serve to deliver the highest quality of service on a legendary scale. At The Goodman Group, this program transcends everything we do. It is intrinsic to our culture and woven into the fabric of who we are.

Our Platinum Service® pledge:

“Providing unparalleled service is the focus of our team efforts and my main personal role. I am committed to following and supporting our service philosophy.”

Every employee receives The Goodman Group’s Platinum Service training, embraces the program and promises to follow its 20 service standards.

Every shift at each community managed by The Goodman Group, every employee embraces our mission, our values, our service approach and their personal commitment to deliver our Platinum Service Standards. This daily exercise helps sustain and perpetuate our culture of exceptional service on a company-wide basis for the benefit of our residents and guests.

Aging on Campus

The Palms of Largo is distinguished by its “Aging on Campus” philosophy, made possible in part by its unique licensing which affords our residents easy transfers within the community campus, should the need for higher level health care services and options arise. As a result, our residents remain connected to their respective neighborhoods, friends, familiar surroundings, and the services and staff they have come to know.

The Palms of Largo is a group of senior communities with the breadth of services and licenses that allow our campus to offer residents the flexibility to meet their individual health care needs at home. The campus was designed with your care needs in mind, including…

  • When minor medical, companionship or health care aid is needed, services are provided in the comfort of your apartment home.
  • When a higher level of care is needed, we provide residency with 24-hour assistance; we handle all of the details to help to make it an easier process for both our residents and their families.
  • When couples need different levels of care, the couple can still share time together and maintain a close relationship without one spouse having to be the caregiver for the other. This is especially important when one suffers from moderate to advanced Alzheimer’s disease or requires long-term advanced care.

Life Enrichment

The Palms of Largo Campus provides a balance of senior living activities. Activities provided encourage lifelong hobbies, as well as nurture each individual’s physical, intellectual, community, intergenerational, spiritual/emotional, and social needs.

Our Life Enrichment programs recognize the importance of social interaction and appreciate that new interests can still be developed, enjoyed, and appreciated.

The Goodman Group

The Palms of Largo is managed by The Goodman Group, one of the most respected names in senior living and health care, residential communities and commercial properties for 50 years. The company is defined by exceptional lifestyles, care and services, from accommodations that are purpose-built for comfort, to designs that meld gracefully into the surrounding landscapes, to innovative life enrichment and service concepts.

A privately held company, The Goodman Group traces its legacy of excellence back to 1965. Since that time, the company has created some of the most unique senior living and health care communities and intergenerational learning centers in the nation. The Goodman Group’s unique Platinum Service® program means the entire staff follow 20 exceptional service standards that make a real difference in your experience. You’ll find this initiative — based on the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Group’s world-renowned customer service model — at every community managed by The Goodman Group.

Today, The Goodman Group stands apart as an innovative company that operates internationally and provides exceptional senior living and health care services, residential communities and commercial properties. The company remains dedicated to optimizing the present and envisioning the future for those it serves. View a message from Chairman John Goodman.

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The Goodman Group manages properties in ten states – Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington – and in Berlin, Germany.

Our History

The Palms of Largo traces its history back to 1976, when Sidney and John Goodman purchased Imperial Palms, a 638-unit apartment community, the event that triggered the creation of one of America’s most dynamic senior living and retirement communities. Later that year, the Goodman father-son team also purchased Silver Palms, a 74-unit complex of family apartments and town homes. Today, the two apartment communities respectively form the eastern and western boundaries of The Palms of Largo campus. Later, John Goodman purchased the forty-five acre tract that now comprises the center of The Palms of Largo campus.

It was on a morning tour of the property in 1986 that John Goodman described his vision for creating a world-class intergenerational living community that both seniors and children would enjoy. Four years later, Royal Palms and Sabal Palms opened their doors.

In 1991, John Goodman created The Palms of Largo Intergenerational Community Foundation, now known as Caregivers Support Network, as a vehicle for giving back to Largo. Today, the foundation serves as a support vehicle for professional and family caregivers.

Cypress Palms opened in 1991 with some of the assisted living units and The Children’s Center, a thirty-bed pediatric wing that is now part of Sabal Palms and represents John Goodman’s personal commitment to serve very special children in a special way. Today, ventilator-dependent children and those who would spend a significant portion of their lives in skilled nursing – from four weeks to eighteen years of age – had a place to call “home.”

The Goodman Group added home health services in 1993 and completed Cypress Palms in 1996, where The Learning Center and The Bonsai Holistic Spa are located. Regal Palms, the most recent community addition to the campus, opened in 1999.

Today, The Palms of Largo stands as a true senior living, retirement and intergenerational living community, unique in the area and in the nation for its services, features and especially the wide age range of individual and families who call this special community their home.

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